Anaplan Automation – The Last Mile

Topic: The Last Mile – Automating Anaplan actions and processes to streamline Planning processes and eliminate routine manual tasks

If you are like most Anaplan clients, you have invested heavily in the implementation of multiple Anaplan use cases but may simply ‘have not gotten around’ to Automating Anaplan. The capabilities of Anaplan Automation, whether using a third party tool (ie Snaplogic, etc) or Anaplan Connect are very robust and include:

  • Loading / updating Master Data
  • Loading / updating Data
  • Executing Anaplan Processes, Imports and Other Actions
  • Copying and renaming files
  • Running stored procedures
  • User defined error trapping and validation
  • Email notifications including;
    • Script completion
    • Script completion with errors including attachment with error file(s)

There are two primary approaches to Anaplan Automation; the first is Anaplan Connect, the second is leveraging the tools of an Anaplan Technology Partner; Snaplogic, Dell Boomi, Informatica and MuleSoft.

In an era of fancy user interfaces with ‘drag and drop’ capabilities, Anaplan Connect’s rudimentary approach may appear intimidating, but the capabilities are robust and very effective, and is available to Anaplan Clients at no additional cost. In addition to automating the execution of Anaplan Processes, Imports and Other Actions; which support loading data, refreshing Master Data and executing processes Anaplan Connect can enhance the Anaplan Experience and Implementation with email notification, error checking, data validation and a variety of other enhancements.

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